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Hot off the Presses - October 2001


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1957 Kilburn Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324

Previously released by the Blues Mafia on Hottrax Records:

"The Hot Dog President / Condom Man" CD Single**

Big Al Jano is the driving force behind this timely remake of the Night Shadow's 1961 risqué single "The Hot Dog Man." Adapted with some lyric changes befitting a President, the Hot Dog President remains highly suggestive without using a single dirty word. A must have for anyone amused with the scandals in Washington. :-)

"Stick out your hand, here comes the Condom Man!..."
Included for your protection, Condom Man is a straight ahead Rock & Roll song which charted briefly and wildly in the 80's, receiving nationwide exposure. This instant crowd pleaser is a perennial favorite among fans.

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