Bob Page
"Blues in Dixieland" Liner Notes

Any knowledgeable fan of Jazz knows that its roots extend way back to the Blues. As the improvisational nature of Blues evolved into Jazz Hybrids such as Ragtime, Dixieland, and Swing its connection to the newer styles of music became less and less distinct.

The great 1914 class "Beale Street Blues" by W. C. Handy is an example of a tune that is a combination of both Blues and Jazz when performed properly. Unfortunately, as America's middle class embraced Dixieland and Swing, Jazz started losing its original Blues feel to cater to an increasingly homogenized audience.

Bob page has written nine new tunes that put the Blues back into Dixieland and Swing. "Blues in Dixieland" features a complement of musicians and guest artists whose age and expertise span three generations. Five classic tunes-including "Beale Street Blues"-are interwoven among Bob's originals and are performed here with a traditional Blues rhythm section.

CD is dedicated to Billy Sherman and Dick Cash

Francine Reed appears through the courtesy of Ichaban International Records, distributed by CEMA.

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