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Ron "Bullitthead" Norris’ 1998 ten (10) track CD release "No Regrets" (Hottrax 5125-60008-2) is a rare delight for fans that prefer their blues-rock served up with a slightly harder feel. Norris evolved from a bluesy folk-rock group called "Chakra" to the pop group "Starbuck", whose late 70's hit "Moonlight Feels Right" was nationally charted. By the early 1980's he was playing guitar and singing backup for Benny Mardonnes whose hit "Into The Night" resulted in an American tour and a band appearance on The Tonight Show. After several years of being on the road and playing concert venues, Norris decided to do his own music and Bullitthead was created in 1985.

Since Ron Norris began playing there has always been a common denominator to his music. Whether it was folk-rock, pop or rock, there was always a foundation built on his underlying "feel" for the blues. His CD opener, "Love Runs Deep", has an in-your-face hardrock intro that quickly dissipates into a solid groove that blues-rock artists from Texas often utilize. In the up tempo "Too Little, Too Soon Too Late" , Norris’ clever use of a wah pedal creates the musical imagery of a lover that is "crying the blues". "Blue In My Blues" will be a favorite to those that appreciate the fusion of blues with a slight touch of jazz, which itself, evolved from the blues.

Bullitthead reaches back to his early roots as an acoustic performer to give a soulful rendition of Sting’s classic, "Message In A Bottle". In "Somebody Give Me A Shot" we are reminded that blues artists actually improve with age. What it takes to get the most out of our consumer society is explored by Norris in "The Power of Livin’". The hit song "Believe" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin is masterfully reworked by Bullitthead and presented as a fine blues tune. Title track "No Regrets" showcases Norris’ vocal range, while "Livin’ On The Outside" displays his ability to "kick butt" in a tune when required. "Over The Rainbow", an unlikely acoustic finale, is Ron’s show of respect to the great melodic songs of our American past.

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