The Legendary Night Shadows
Volume 1: The Rhythm & Blues Period 1959-1964

Photo Credits / Information
Front Cover Image: 1963 Night Shadows Promotional Photo (L-R) Aleck Janoulis, Charles Spinks, Johnny Pitner, Mike Moore, Ronnie Farmer. Photo Credit: Lee Studios

Collage Images: TOP L-R: (1) George Hurst (2) Helene Koppel (3) Aleck Janoulis, Johnny Pitner (4) Aleck Janoulis, Jimmy Callaway, Charles Spinks, Bobby Newell MIDDLE L-R (1) Ronnie Farmer, Mike Moore (2) Judy Argo & Gibson Birdland, Photo Credit: Lee Studios (3) Aleck Janoulis & Carvin Bass (4) Johnny Pitner, Little Erv BOTTOM L-R (1) Bobby Jones (2) Bobby Newell

Back Cover Image: 1960 Performance of Night Shadows at Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Georgia Institute of Technology. L-R Aleck Janoulis, Bobby Newell, Bobby Jones, Johnny Pitner, Ronnie Farmer, Ray Massey. Photo Credit: Hilton Dickerson.

Misc. Image Credits: Hilton Dickerson, Vickie Young; 8mm Film Transfers: Dan Stephens

Transferred from old tapes and records. Any noises found on this CD were on the original recordings and reflect the nature of the recording equipment and conditions at the time.

Remastered at: RW Studios/Atlanta by Rick Ware

CD Design, Photoretouching and Typesetting by David A. Lane, Lane Graphic Design/Atlanta

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