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"Volume 3: The Psychedelic Era 1967-1969" CD

Volume 3 will be the authorized reissue of the infamous 1968 psychedelic classic, The Square Root of Two which is valued at $1000 in mint condition (Ref: Jerry Osborne's 1997 Edition of Rockin' Records) PLUS additional psychedelic, socio-political and satirical tunes unavailable to collectors for the past 30 years.


"Volume 2: The Little Phil Era 1964-1967" CD

Volume 2 chronicles the years (1964-1967) that the Night Shadows hit the charts with Little Phil as their front man. Includes two ribald tunes too risqué for airplay, their radio hits and several unreleased tracks that were recently discovered. Includes a 20 page booklet loaded with info & pics.

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"Volume 1: The Rhythm & Blues Period 1959-1964" CD

To serious record collectors The Night Shadows were the grand patriarchs of garage bands. Through their music and appearance, the group became a microcosm of contemporary culture from the innocent times of late 1950's through the social, political and sexual revolution of the 1960's. Vol. 1 features their earliest recordings and includes the ribald classics "The Garbage Man" and "The Hot Dog Man." Includes a 16 page booklet loaded with info and pics.

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