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Sammy Blue

Sammy Blue is an enigmatic artist that writes and performs well crafted songs spanning from solo style "delta blues" to band-based contemporary sounds. His first release, "Everythang & Mo’" is an audio collage of blues tunes, each presented in the medium that best suits the particular subject matter.

The opening track, "If I Knew Then", is an angst driven blues rocker performed with a full eight piece band. Keyboard accompaniment to Sammy’s guitar work and powerful vocal is provided by Bobby Newell, organist of the legendary Night Shadows well known to serious record collectors of 50's &60's music. Track 2,"I Miss You Baby", is an earthy tune built around Sammy Blue’s Dobro slide work plus the barrelhouse piano of Bob Page and Chicago Bob’s soulful harmonica, two internationally respected guest artists with many great blues albums of their own.

"Dancing In The Moonlight" is one of those uptempo, happy tunes that will surely confuse the "blues impaired" listener who thinks that blues is all depressing music. Guest artist, Little Joe from Chicago, (formerly with B.B. King band) provides the exciting trombone solo and horn arrangement which sets up Sammy’s blistering guitar solo on this track.

"Everythang & Mo’", title track of the CD, will transport you back to the speakeasies of the Roaring 20's and early 30's. Sammy takes off his guitar to sing with an all acoustic combo featuring the almost forgotten blues sound of a barroom piano juxtaposed with violin accompaniment. A reprise of this tune concludes the CD with the vamping and great scat singing of Mallia Franklin, known as the Queen of Funk with the legendary, funkadelic Paliament.

Track 5 may be the definitive tune of "sacrifice" by a musician. In "Day Job", Sammy Blue professes the extent of his commitment to a relationship. R& B master "Willie Hill" provides the textured harmony vocals. Mr. Hill’s backup vocals also appear on "I’ve Got To Have My Way" with Chicago Bob’s soulful harmonica adding the piece d’resistance.

"I’ve Been Hoping" and "Disposable Love" are two blues tracks that Sammy performs solo with either a Dobro or an acoustic guitar. With the current world-wide divorce rate, "Disposable Love" proves that blues can have a more contemporary theme than Top 40 radio! Returning to a band format, "Riverside" utilizes a repetitive guitar line as the mesmerizing foundation to this haunting tune. "32-20 Blues", a Robert Johnson classic, is started in its traditional manner and segues into a contemporary arrangement demonstrating the timeless flexibility of those great Johnson songs. This cover tune also provides Sammy Blue a means to profess the past master’s influence on his own life in a lighthearted introduction.

Rounding out this blues collage is"Spice In My Life", a bayou/Big Easy style tune, "Vitamin P", a guitar instrumental with horns, and"Doin’ What You Do Best" , a funky blues whose title is self-explanatory.

Everythang & Mo is a CD that has a little something for both blues traditionalists and contemporary fans. As a matter or fact, it has "Everythang & Mo’.


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