Roots Rockin Blues Biography

If you are a fan of the Blues and your significant other or best friends are not. the CD Real Time by Sheffield-Webb may provide the aural alchemy that opens their minds and emotions to it. Although Sheffield-Webb is an eclectic, roots-based ensemble that crosses several genres of music, its common denominator or linchpin is the Blues.

Bill Sheffield is not the typical second or third generation blue-eyed Blues singer. His voice and expression of emotion is so powerful it once caught the attention of the late, great Muddy Waters. An artistic bond grew between the two men that resulted in Muddy Waters becoming the godfather of Sheffield’s daughter Honeybee. Bill Sheffield’s blues roots go back to his high school days when his first band, "Jelly Roll’ was signed to a regional booking agency. The group was booked on an all black blues show that featured T-Bone Walker, Big Mama Thornton and Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. In front of a very skeptical, predominantly black audience they proceeded to receive a standing ovation after opening to considerable booing and catcalls. Their feel" won the crowd over.

After working in several blues bands, Bill Sheffield tried his hand at Soul and R&B in a group called the XL’s. That effort produced an album by the same name which has become a collectable. Liane Webb was originally a free-lance artist by trade and a part-time singer/songwriter from Birmingham, Alabama. After migrating to Atlanta’s artistic community, Webb met Sheffield during one of his appearances in a local blues club. Soon thereafter they began to implement a collaborative songwriting and performance plan that would be male/female, blues-based "roots music."

Liane Webb, a Generation X person, infuses the concerns and beliefs of that segment of the population with traditional subject matter of the blues. Since Blues is the progenitor of all types of contemporary music, this opportune mix allows Sheffield-Webb to craft their tunes in whatever music format is needed to maximize their message. By weaving a subliminal web of tunes that are not consciously blues based, the artists are able to snare the attention of the "blues-impaired" by the time the first obvious blues tune on the CD (’Tappin On My Window Pane") is belted out by Liane Webb. This is followed by "Roll With Me", a blues-rocker which features Bill Sheffield on lead vocals. Both tunes are cleverly sandwiched in a melange of contemporary roots based tunes. This allows the blues fan a surreptitious way to influence others to appreciate the blues.

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